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Corrosion Bulk Pack

Holds in our Corrosion style have have a mixture of classic subtle texture and rougher rock-like surfaces. This allows for engaging climbing that is usually found only outdoors. The most positive part of the hold is often not immediately obvious. These holds are perfect for people training with outdoor rock climbing goals in mind

This pack includes 81 holds.

$1145 worth of holds – save $316!

Bolts and T-nuts are available at a 50% discount.
You’ll need 50 bolts and T-nuts for this pack.
Stainless steel is recommended for outdoor use. You can order stainless bolts and T-nuts from our hardware page.
(If you order stainless bolts, we’ll send you stainless screws to match).


From: $829.00

Corrosion Bulk Pack

Bolts Black (Indoor Use)

T-Nuts (Indoor Use)