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Colossus Pack One

A truly colossal 146-hold pack—a full home wall kit-out. Includes everything from double-hand jugs to technical shapes, pockets and XL holds. Massively discounted.
$2300 worth of holds – save $701!

Screws are included for the screw on holds in this pack.
Regular bolts and t-nuts are available at a 50% discount.
You’ll need 114 bolts and T-nuts for this pack.
Stainless steel is recommended for outdoor use. You can order stainless bolts and T-nuts from our hardware page.
(If you order stainless bolts, we’ll send you stainless screws to match).

From: $2,300.00 $1,599.00

Colossus Pack One

Bolts Black (Indoor Use)

T-Nuts (Indoor Use)