What are your holds made from?

Bombproof Urethane

Most climbing holds are made with with polyester resin—this is the cheapest option out there but often produces brittle holds. These easily chip around the edges and can break if dropped, slightly overtightened, put on a not-perfectly flat surface or generally looked at the wrong way.

Not happy with the products available, we took matters into our own hands. After months of testing, mixing and remixing we came up with the next step in climbing hold material design: Bombproof Urethane.

Our proprietary Bombproof Urethane is less brittle, more resistant to cracking or breaking, it is, in a word, Bombproof!

How do I fix the holds to my wall?

There are two methods for attaching climbing holds to a wall—either with screws, or bolts/t-nuts (or a combination of both).

For holds that require screws, we’ll include them for free with your holds purchase. (If you need stainless screws, (for outdoor use) please let us know when you place your order).

For holds that require bolts, we give you the option of adding galvanised bolts and t-nuts (for indoor use) at a 50% discount. Just select what you need on the product page of your holds.

Outdoor vs Indoor Walls

If your wall is indoors, you’re best to purchase galvanised steel bolts and t-nuts. If your wall is outdoors, you should buy stainless bolts and t-nuts.

If you need stainless bolts and t-nuts, you’ll need to purchase these separately from our hardware page.

I’m building a kids’ wall. What holds should I use?

The best holds for a kid’s wall would be single-hand jugs for the hands and some smaller holds which are cheap and good for footholds.

The HighTen sets and HighFive sets are great as they are all super easy to attach to any wall with wood screws.

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