Uprising Industries holds are now available in Dannomond Polyurethane, which is light, strong, and features superior wear and impact resistance, making them ideal for use in commercial environments.

These holds are made in Europe by our manufacturing partner Composite X.

They’re available to purchase now at climbingholds.net.


Produced in Christchurch since 2008


Made from the highest quality urethane


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Great holds. Grip the ply to minimise movement, durable enough to drop, great friction and carefully designed for training with minimal injury risk.

Thomas, rocking the home woodie

This set is fantastic. We had a V2 boulder problem through a roof section of our boulder wall for over a year. It was so epic our customers would not allow us to take it down! Through that time it withstood some serious punishment.

Brook, climbing gym owner

Such rad shapes and texture that lasts! These holds don’t get polished like other brands and the kids love the bright colours. Perfect for our mildly overhanging school wall.

V. Filmer, teacher

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